Jewel-Osco for U™ Program FAQs

What is Jewel-Osco for U™?

Jewel-Osco for U™ offers you deals, rewards, and perks. It’s easy (and free) to become a member of Jewel-Osco for U™!

What are the benefits of enrolling into Jewel-Osco for U™? How do I sign up?

Becoming a Jewel-Osco for U™ member is free, easy, and offers you all-new, all-awesome deals, rewards, and perks! As a Jewel-Osco for U™ member, you will receive weekly personalized deals, earn points on all eligible purchases, redeem Rewards for discounts on groceries, receive an annual birthday treat, and a free item every month. Also, new Jewel-Osco for U™ members will also receive a “Welcome” offer, good for $5 off their next online grocery order of $25 or more. For more details on the “Welcome” offer and other perks, visit Jewel-Osco for U™ Also visit Jewel-Osco for U™ for details on online grocery orders. To join Jewel-Osco for U™ program, sign-up to create a free account or download the Jewel-Osco mobile app.

What are the benefits of using the Jewel-Osco mobile app?

The Jewel-Osco mobile app enables for U™ members to view and clip digital deals, redeem Rewards for free groceries and discounts, create shopping lists, place online orders for delivery and Pick Up, and much more.

What is the Birthday treat and how do I receive it?

At the beginning of each month, qualifying Jewel-Osco for U™ members will receive a birthday treat offer (up to $10 value) placed into their Jewel-Osco for U™ account. It’s our way of celebrating our Jewel-Osco for U™ members’ birthday! 

To qualify for a birthday treat offer, simply add your birthday (month and day) to your Jewel-Osco for U™ account and use your Jewel-Osco for U™ account to purchase an item in-store or online within the last 12 months prior to the offer being added to your Jewel-Osco for U™ account. 

How do I receive a free item every month?

As a Jewel-Osco for U™ member, you will receive an offer for a free item (up to $10 value) once per month. To receive a free item every month (up to $10 value), add the offer to your Jewel-Osco for U™ account prior to the expiration date specified on the offer. You will be eligible to receive your first free item starting at the beginning of the month following the month in which you registered for Jewel-Osco for U™. You must redeem the offer in store or as part of your online transaction prior to the expiration date specified on the offer. To continue receiving monthly free item offers after redeeming your first monthly free item offer, you must use your Jewel-Osco for U™ account to purchase an item in-store or online within the last 12 weeks of redeeming the offer. See Program Details for more information.

Can I access Jewel-Osco for U™ from my smart phone?

Yes, the best way to access Jewel-Osco for U™ deals and rewards is through our Jewel-Osco mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. The Jewel-Osco mobile app is FREE and available for download at the App Store and Google Play store. If you don’t want to download the app, you can also use your phone’s browser to view our website.

What is My List?

My List works as a shopping list that helps you plan your shopping trip at home and in our stores. Once you’ve added an offer to your Jewel-Osco for U™ account, it will show up in My List on our website and Wallet within the mobile app. 

Need help? How do I contact Customer Service?

To contact us, use our online form. or contact Customer Support Center toll free line at 1-877-258-2799.

Why do I get the message “You already have an account” when trying to register?

You will get this message when the system finds an existing account with the phone number or email address you entered. In that case, you can use the "Sign In" link instead of registering. If you forgot your password, you can try the "Forgot Password" link to have it reset. If you are still experiencing problems, contact our Customer Support Center toll free line at 1-877-258-2799.

How do I update my Jewel-Osco for U™ account information?

To update your Jewel-Osco for U™ account information, please go to the My Account section on the website or the Jewel-Osco mobile app or contact our Customer Support Center toll free line at 1-877-258-2799.

Are Jewel-Osco for U™ offers actually different for me compared to other customers? 

Yes, because offers are based on your purchase history and organized for you, so you can save more on what you actually buy! 

How do I earn Rewards?

It's easy to earn Rewards by shopping at Jewel-Osco and using your registered mobile number or scanning your Member Card in the Jewel-Osco mobile app at checkout: 

Every $1 spent on eligible grocery purchases* = 1 Point 

Every $1 spent on qualifying gift cards* = 2 Points 

Every $1 spent on qualifying pharmacy purchases* = 1 Point 

Every 100 points gets you 1 Reward

Do Rewards expire?

Yes, Points convert to Rewards in increments of 100 (100 Points = 1 Reward). At the end of each month, any Points less than 100 will expire. Rewards expire at the end of the month following the one in which they were earned. For example, if 225 Points are earned in January, 25 Points would expire 2 a.m. local time on February 1st. The remaining 200 Points automatically convert to 2 Rewards and are available for use until they expire at 2 a.m. local time on March 1st.

How do I keep track of my Rewards?

You can track your Rewards through the Jewel-Osco mobile app or website or by reviewing the receipt from your most recent transaction.

Can I pick up the discounted or free grocery item at any store?

Discounted or free grocery items can be picked up at the participating store you have selected within the Jewel-Osco mobile app or website. 

How long are the Grocery Rewards offers available?

Generally, Grocery Rewards offers are valid through the end of the current month. Once you select an offer, you have until the end of the following month to claim that offer in-store.

Where do I see my selected Grocery Rewards?

On the Jewel-Osco mobile app, tap Rewards on the Home Screen or go to the Member section. On the website, click on Rewards tab and View my Selected Rewards or go to My List.

I shop online. Do Jewel-Osco U™ offers apply there?

Yes, your current Jewel-Osco for U™ offers will apply when you shop online. The savings will be reflected on your final receipt at the time of delivery or pickup. If you do not see your Jewel-Osco for U™ savings reflected on your final receipt, or if you have any questions on this process, please contact our Grocery Delivery Customer Service Center toll free line at 1-877-505-4040.

What is the difference between unlimited and one-time offers?

Unlimited offers can be used in an unlimited number of transactions. One-time offers are limited to a single transaction. Some offers are subject to quantity limits, so please check offer details. All offers are subject to availability as not all items or varieties are available in all store locations.

For offers with a minimum purchase requirement (for example, $5 off when you spend $50), what items are excluded?

Excluded items are listed on the applicable offer description, but commonly excluded items from the calculation of minimum purchase requirement are: alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, fuel, all fluid items in the refrigerated dairy section (including fluid dairy and dairy substitutes), prescription items and co-payments, bus/commuter passes, fishing/hunting licenses and tags, postage stamps, money orders/ transfers, ski/amusement park/event/lottery tickets, phone cards, gift cards/ certificates, bottle/container deposits/redemption values, applicable taxes, and bag fees, if any.

Can I use offers added to my account in any store?

Once you add an offer to your Jewel-Osco for U™ account, you can use it in the store selected in your account when you added the offer. Please note that not all items or varieties are available in all store locations.

Once I’ve added offers to my Jewel-Osco for U™ account, how long will it take for them to be available to redeem?

Offers can be redeemed at checkout as long as you add them to your Jewel-Osco for U™ account prior to purchasing or claiming the applicable item. You may add offers to your account while shopping in the store; however, please note that new accounts require 15 minutes for activation. Sometimes a delay can happen depending on the quality and speed of your Internet connection.

How do I know I received my Jewel-Osco for U™ offer price for an item?

It will be shown on your receipt. In most instances, the Jewel-Osco for U™ discount may be combined with other promotions, discounts, offers, coupons, and savings (if applicable) and if such combination is available, your discounted price can be found next to each item AND in the Jewel-Osco for U™ savings summary at the bottom of your receipt.

What is the Pet Health Savings Card?

The Pet Health Savings Card is a discount card that can save you up to 80% on your pet's medications at participating pharmacies. Member terms and conditions are available at

How do I sign up for the Pet Health Savings Card?

You must have an active for U™ account to obtain the Pet Health Savings Card. In the Member section of the app/website, go to your wallet. From there, scroll to Pet Health Savings Card and click "Add to Wallet."

Do I earn points/rewards on purchases made through the Pet Health Savings Card?

Every $1 spent on qualifying pharmacy purchases = 1 Point. For pharmacy purchases, only your out-of-pocket pharmacy costs (e.g., prescription co-pays) are eligible to earn points.

Where do I find the Pet Health Savings Card?

The Pet Health Savings Card can be found in your for U™ account’s Wallet section of the app/website.

How do I use the Pet Health Savings Card?

Show the Pet Health Savings Card from the app/website to a participating pharmacy to receive the discount.

What if I have issues with my Pet Health Savings Card?

Please call the Pharmacy and Member Services Help Desk at 1-800-273-9166.