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Setting the BAR for Granola BARS

Jewel Osco Registered Dietitians


Aug 13th, 2018

Summer is coming to a close, school is back in session, and we parents are struggling to keep our families in a healthy eating routine. Meal and snack prepping takes a lot of time and energy. When time is of essence, nothing says grab and go quite like a granola bar. But, did you know that all bars are not created equal? See the tips below to help you feel confident in making a granola bar choice for your family.

Tip #1-Choose Wholesome Ingredients
Simple is better. Whole grains, nuts, and fruit are all real foods that have real health benefits. Find a bar that has these foods as the main ingredients. Remember, on a label, ingredients are listed in the greatest amount first, followed by those in lesser amounts.

Tip #2- Fiber and Protein for Fullness
Look for bars made with whole grains and nuts to help keep you full and aid in digestion. Around 3 grams of fiber per bar is considered a good source. Nuts, egg whites, and whole grains contain protein which can help keep your appetite under control until your next meal. Too much protein listed on a bar usually is sourced from added protein powders and supplements.

Tip #3- Avoid Added Sugars
Avoid bars that have added sugars such as white sugar, cane sugar, honey, corn syrup, caramel as one of the first few ingredients listed on the bar. These added sugars contribute calories and no other nutritional benefits.
RXBAR is a real food protein bar made with a few simple ingredients – egg whites for protein, dates to bind and nuts for texture.

RXBAR is the perfect snack for a busy back to school season: throw it in your bag for a quick breakfast or enjoy as a protein-packed afternoon snack.

Samantha Woulfe, MS, RD, LDN

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