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4 holiday cocktails everyone will love

Amber Graefen


Dec 1st, 2017

Tired of plain ol’ beer and wine at your parties? Take your holidays to the next level with these bright and tasty cocktails for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s and Winter celebrations that are easy to make and even easier to sip.

Merry Rosemary & Cranberry Vodka
(serves 2)

What could be more refreshing than a winter walk through a pine forest? This drink! Rosemary stands in for pine and cranberry lends a tart, palate-cleansing bite. Convert to a mocktail by replacing the vodka with equal parts cranberry juice and sparkling water.

1 1/2 ounces rosemary simple syrup (recipe to make 8 ounces below)
8 rosemary sprigs (6 to make syrup, 2 for garnish)
4 ounces 100% Signature Kitchens cranberry juice
2 ounces regular or cranberry vodka
2 ounces sparkling water

Rosemary simple syrup: In a small saucepan over medium heat, add 1/2 cup sugar to 1/2 cup water and 6 sprigs of rosemary. Bring to a boil. When sugar has dissolved, remove from heat and let cool. Remove and discard sprigs.

Cocktail: In a shaker filled with ice, combine cranberry juice and vodka and shake. Stir in 1 1/2 ounces of cooled rosemary syrup. Pour over ice. Garnish each glass with a fresh sprig of rosemary.

Mazel Tov Cocktail
(serves 2)

Sangria season doesn’t have to be over while Manischewitz Concord Grape wine is around. Cut the sweetness with a little prosecco and make your Hanukkah celebration lighter and fizzier.

12 ounces Manischewitz Concord Grape wine
12 ounces prosecco
2 splashes slivovitz (plum brandy)
garnish: apple slices (a symbolic ingredient in Judaism), as well as orange slices and cinnamon sticks if desired

Fill glass halfway with wine and then top with prosecco and a splash of brandy. Garnish.

Lemon-Mint Italian Cheers to New Year’s
(serves 2)

Add a little color and zest to your midnight toast with this cheerful minty green and lemon zing prosecco drink.

For a no-alcohol version, substitute 1/8 cup lemon juice and an extra tablespoon of sugar for the limoncello, and replace the prosecco with lemon-lime soda.

1/4 cup fresh mint leaves
1/4 cup limoncello
1 tablespoon sugar
peel of one lemon
1 cup (about) chilled prosecco or sparkling wine
starfruit, orange rind or lime slices as a garnish

In blender, blend mint, limoncello, 1 tablespoon sugar and lemon peel for about 10 seconds until mint is finely chopped. Strain into champagne flutes. Top with prosecco. Garnish with starfruit slices, star shapes cut from citrus rind or lime slices.

Winter Wonderland Cocktail
(serves 2)

Do you like coconut? How about milkshakes? And alcohol? If yes to all three, you are in for a treat with this coco-creamy, smooth-blue blend.

4-6 ice cubes
4 ounces regular or vanilla vodka
4 ounces Malibu coconut rum
2 ounces cream of coconut
1/2 ounce blue curaçao
shredded coconut
2 scoops vanilla ice cream

In a shaker combine first five ingredients and shake until chilled. Pour into a martini glass. In a bowl of shredded coconut, roll two small, rounded scoops of ice cream. Drop a coconut covered ice cream ball into each cocktail and serve immediately.

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