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Brittany Chibe: Our Chief Scavenger

Amber Graefen


Nov 2nd, 2017

Brittany Chibe, founder of Paleo Scavenger, has shared her experience with us — and also more about her new product! We are so excited to have her as a local partner here at Jewel-Osco!


As a kid who grew up in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago, Jewel was a staple in my family’s life. I tagged along beside my mom every week when she did the grocery shopping at Jewel. It was the place for our grocery staples, our birthday cakes and the occasional toy (if I could guilt my mom into it). As we got older, both of my brothers worked at the Jewel across the street form our high school in Orland Park pushing carts and stocking shelves. To this day, Jewel is still a staple in my life as I visit the Wicker Park store on a weekly basis. So, when I found out that Jewel was going to bring our granola into its stores, it was a proud moment.

I started Paleo Scavenger in 2014 with the mission to make clean eating easy and accessible. I was on my own health journey struggling with a chronic ankle injury from running, and I stumbled upon the paleo lifestyle as a way to heal my injury from within. The more I learned about this lifestyle and how food can be used to heal the body, I became fascinated by it. I wanted to share this transformative, food-healing experience with everyone, so I decided to bring my paleo granola to farmers markets. The feedback was so positive and the sales reflected it, so I moved the business out of my house and into a commercial kitchen to make larger batches and sell the granola online and in stores.  Here we are three years later and I am so honored to say that my hometown grocer will be carrying our full line of granolas in Original, Cherry, Blueberry and Maple Pecan. All items are baked with healthy nuts, coconut oil, almond flour and honey, and always free from grains, dairy, soy and refined sugars. We hope all of the Jewel shoppers love our soft and chewy granolas, and stay tuned for new flavors coming next year!

A Jewel fan for life,

Brittany Chibe

Founder, Paleo Scavenger

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