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Back to School Snacking!



Jul 20th, 2015

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The end of summer is fast-approaching which can only mean one thing: Back to School!  And that means it’s time to help your kids get the most out of each day, starting with their food! Since success in the classroom starts with a healthy breakfast, let’s start there.

Bright and Early Breakfasts 

To pay attention and focus, kids need energy. So make sure they should start their day right with four hours of sustained energy, courtesy of belVita! Serve belVita with Greek yogurt and a glass of juice. And if you’re really pressed for time, belVita Bites are perfect for on-the-go breakfast.


Honor Roll Lunches 

The middle of the day is not only great because it’s a break from hitting the books, it’s also a crucial time to recharge. Try pre-packing Turkey, Apple & Cheese Melts in re-sealable bags for an easy-to-make and a fun bite-sized treat. Butterfly Pack to Go snacks add a playful spin on cookies and crackers. Just don’t forget to add in some veggies and fruits, too.


A+ After School Snacks

After-school is a time to wind down, do some homework and enjoy a snack. The kids are home after a long day, and need something to really hit the spot. Fortunately, we’ve got Chippy the Snail! Not only delicious… but also adorable.


Don’t forget something special for yourself! Try new OREO Thins as the perfect afternoon snack.

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