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From Farm to Table: Where Does Your Jewel Produce Come From?



Aug 6th, 2014

Locally Grown Jewel Osco

Meet our local growers. One of our favorite things about the grocery business is bringing our customers fresh fruits and veggies grown by folks right down the street (or maybe a jaunt down the highway). Our goal is to work with local farmers who offer amazing produce, and get it from the field to the store and onto your dinner table. This is especially true during the summer months, when the Jewel produce team is in full gear, stocking our shelves with the best that Midwest growers have to offer. From Indiana melons to Michigan’s grape tomatoes, we’ve got you covered. Take a minute to read about some of the men and women we partner with who help feed your family every day!


Locally Grown_Mouzin

Mouzin Brothers Farms has been family owned and operated since 1935. Ed and Dennis, along with their father, Paul, specialize in bringing high quality sweet corn, watermelon and pumpkins to the entire Midwest region.  Their melons are field tested for ripeness and their sweet corn is hand-picked. Every fall, Mouzin Brothers’ pumpkin fields contribute to the brilliant display of color in southern Indiana.


Locally Grown_High Acres Farm

The Meachum family has managed High Acres Farms since it was founded by their grandfather, Glen, in 1942. Today, Glen’s son Doug and his three grandsons – Trevor, Jason and Ryan – care for hundreds of acres of fruit trees and vegetable crops. One of the newest additions is a highly popular Spencer Brand sweet grape tomato. Nominated Michigan Farm Family of the year in 2007, the Meachums have been recognized for their commitment to Good Agricultural Practices, stewardship of the land and active community involvement.


Locally Grown_ Hamlin Farms

Hamlin Farms is a 5th generation family farm founded in 1868. It’s now operated by Harold and Martha Hamlin and their two children. Their motto is Grown by families, for families! The farm is located near Lake Michigan where the moderate climate has proven time and again to produce quality vegetables.  Cucumbers, cauliflower, corn and soybeans are the main crops. The Hamlin family prides itself in using responsible land management, conservative tillage practices and consistent nutrient plans – making for a quality crop year after year. This coupled with generations of employees’ families who return every season, contribute to the success of Hamlin Farms.


Locally Grown_Dykstra Farms

As young men, Mike Dykstra and his brother Steve partnered with their father to start farming. Their dad backed the venture, launching a partnership that has lasted over 30 years and continues strong even after his retirement and passing. Focusing on just two commodities has allowed Mike and Steve to become experts on green peppers and hard squash. Located 15 miles East of Lake Michigan, the crops benefit from a moderate climate and bountiful moisture. Mike and Steve enjoy the freedom of working for themselves and focusing on production, while Superior Sales, Inc. takes care of the marketing of their product.


Locally Grown_Blog JJ Farms

Coming from more than five generations of farmers, James Goebbert started his business while in high school and currently farms over 500 acres.  Go-Ro Fresh is one of the largest retail suppliers of pumpkins in Illinois.  When he was still a freshman in high school, James decided to grow items that aren’t normally grown by the rest of the family – herbs, greens and pumpkins. He is now a major supplier to Chicago produce markets and large, local chain stores.  His farms are located 40 miles Northwest of Chicago, and in peak season he employees around 55 people. All of his produce is sold locally to ensure delivery of the freshest items possible, and to keep delivery costs and fuel consumption to a minimum.


Locally Grown_Blog Frey

Frey Farms is a Certified Woman Owned Business founded by Sarah Frey in 1994. Sarah, her four brothers and a dedicated team operate farms and facilities across Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana and West Virginia. Sarah grew up on the 100-acre family farm where during the Summer she helped her mother deliver melons to local grocery stores. At 16 she took over her mom’s route and grew the business to more than 150 stores. By the time Sarah was 18, she had started re-investing her profits into farm ground and planting her own produce, pumpkins being her very first crop. Today, Frey Farms is a multi-state growing operation specializing in watermelon, cantaloupe, sweet corn, pumpkins and fall ornamentals. They have grown to be one of the largest pumpkin farms in the world.


Locally Grown_ Borzynski Farms

Joe Borzynski and his brother, Dave, began farming in the early sixties. Today, the farm continues as a family business with Dave, Joe and their children actively involved in the day-to-day operation. The family is committed to growing consistently high-quality, delicious produce.  Their Illinois products include cabbage, green beans and sweet corn. The family also has acreage in Georgia, Texas and Wisconsin. Borzynski Farms has worked with Jewel for the past 23 years selling its locally grown produce.


locally grown - todd greiner farms

Todd Greiner Farms was established in 1994 by Todd and his wife Sarah. This family-owned farm originally covered 120 acres of land in Hart, Mi. and now spans over 2000 acres today. Being just miles away from the shore of West Michigan allows for their asparagus, pumpkins and squashes to flourish, as well as zucchini, sweet corn, cherries, peaches, apples, plums and gourds. The Greiner family takes pride in being able to grow, pack and ship high quality, fresh produce and they even have a global food safety program to ensure the safest produce arrives on the shelves.

4 Responses to From Farm to Table: Where Does Your Jewel Produce Come From?

  1. Susie Andrews 04/08/2015 at 7:32 pm

    I don’t feel that you are really buying locally. Local to me is between 50 and 100 miles away. None of these farms are within that distance of Silvis, Illinois. I understand that to be able to supply Jewel, we need to be able to supply all of your “local” stores. So that means, you only buy from the big boys and not local small growers. I am a Jewel customer, but take a tip from Hy-Vee and buy from your “real local” farmers. Thank You

    • Customer Care 05/08/2015 at 5:30 am

      Sorry to hear that you feel this way, Susie. We appreciate your feedback, and have shared your concerns with our product procurement team.

  2. Charles Hindson 17/01/2019 at 1:52 pm

    My feelings are within the same region is locally grown. Anymore, anything grown is this country and organic is our preference

    • Customer Support 17/01/2019 at 3:01 pm

      Hi Charles Thank you for reading “From Farm to Table: Where Does Your Jewel Produce Come From?” – Justin

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