Start turning your everyday spending into money for college. It’s easy to join, and the college contributions keep coming, day after day, year after year. Membership is FREE. Start saving now!

Here’s how:

1. Pick up your Albertsons Upromise key tag at your local Albertsons store from any cashier. Albertsons Upromise key tags are valid at all Albertsons stores located in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming.

2. If you are not already a Upromise member, join — it’s FREE!

3. Register your Upromise key tag at the Upromise website:

4. Find eligible Upromise product deals at the Upromise eCoupons website. Clip the deals to your Upromise account and then shop at your local Albertsons Market store to purchase your selected deals’ products.

5. When you present your registered Albertsons Upromise key tag to the cashier during checkout, your eligible purchases will be totaled, and the savings automatically be added to your Upromise account.

Tell your friends and family and save even more!

Your family and friends can shop at Albertsons locations in these states and direct their college contributions to your future student, too! Groceries are just the beginning!

Upromise savings is available with many other companies that you shop every day—including your telephone service, gas stations, restaurants, music stores, etc., and registration is easy! Visit for more details.