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Top Tips for Meatless Monday Menu Planning

Jewel Osco Registered Dietitians


Aug 8th, 2017

You know the benefits of incorporating Meatless Mondays include reducing your risk of chronic conditions, increasing the variety of the foods you eat, stretching your budget, and supporting the environment.  But, implementing Meatless Mondays into your weekly menu might seem difficult if you are just getting started.

Meal planning for a meatless day doesn’t need to be a daunting task.  These tips are sure to help you make your Mondays meatless and manageable.

Take Time to Prepare

Take an inventory of what you already have at home before writing your shopping list.  Often times you will be able to incorporate the remainder of last week’s fresh produce into your Monday plans.  This will save you money and cut down on waste!

Once your inventory is complete it’s time to decide on a menu.  Having a plan will ensure that you’re able to stick with your goal of keeping your Monday menu meatless.

Set aside time to prep what you can.  Preparing ahead of time will keep your Monday meal times stress-free!

Breakfast Boost

Whether you are eating breakfast on the go or have the time to sit down at the table, it is possible to prepare a meatless breakfast meal full of nutrients to fuel and energize your body.  Overnight oats, whole grain cereal with yogurt and fresh fruit, a smoothie packed with superfoods, or a protein-packed breakfast quinoa bowl are a sure way to start your day off right.

Keep it simple

If you pack your lunch take advantage of leftovers or easy make ahead meals. Quinoa or wild rice with roasted veggies, cheese pizza and a side salad, or a hearty vegetable soup are all great options. You can pair any of these with fruit, nuts, raw veggies, or whole grain crackers for a satisfying mid-day meal at home or work.

Dinner doesn’t need to be fancy or elaborate.  Aim for items that keep you full, are nutrient dense, and most of all, taste good!

Think Favorites

Make a list of your family’s top dinner choices. Chances are you’ll find some of them are already meatless. Homemade mac and cheese, spaghetti marinara, grilled cheese, bean burritos, rice and beans, and pizza are some common meatless favorites.

If your family has a few tried and true favorites, rotate the same three or four meals through the month.  Change up the spices, alternate the sauce or pick new veggie toppings to make your usual fair feel more exciting!

Now you’re ready to plan your Meatless Monday menu!  Try this recipe to get started!


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